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  • Each class can be attended individually, with no prior knowledge or previous classes required. 

    Each class is free to join with a suggested donation of $20 per class.

    A student handbook will be given out during the first class; following the first class, the student handbook will cost $35.

    Looking forward to an insightful and thought-provoking 6 weeks together! 

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  • Most laws are designed to protect the rights of people and their property. ButJudaism’s civil code is driven by a different goal . Explore how laws of damages and disputes support a uniquely Jewish view of the human mission.

  • In seeking to restore the rights of plaintiffs, Jewish courts actively assist offenders in achieving full repentance too. Why? Discover the advantage ofproperly undoing damageover merely compensating for damage done.

  • You may feel a moral urge to speak up against an offensive action or protect your neighbor’s property from harm. But might you havea legal responsibility to stopbad thingsfrom happening? Judaism says: yes. In this lesson, we discuss why and when.

  • With 613 commandments in the Torah and myriad rules expounded in the Talmud,can Judaism ever be called "liberating"? Let’s delve into the Exodus, the Covenant and the ways in which laws can lead to the purest human freedom.

  • Is the claim of ownership anything more than a subjective social agreement? A foundation of Jewish mysticism is thatmaterial possessions contain spiritual energythat is specific to their owners. Let’s consider owners’ rights and responsibilities through this lens.

  • While a presumption of innocence can protect defendants from liability, it is not quite a declaration of uprightness. Jewish law goes so far as topresume every person’s core goodness. See how this view can lead us to a truly upright world.

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