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  • In person fee: $95

    Online Fee: $60

    Individual Class Fee: $20 $5

    We now have the option to sign up for each individual class and thanks to our very generous donor, each class has been subsidized to $5 per class!

    Class Schedule:

    Lesson 1 - June 2: Start with the Science 

    Lesson 2 - June 9: Who Needs a Redemption?

    Lesson 3 - June 16: Superhuman Vs. Super Humans

    Lesson 4 - June 23: We're Getting There

    Lesson 5 - June 30: Out of the Blues

    Lesson 6 - July 7: And Then...

  • Classes by Topic:

    Lesson 1 - June 2

    Start with the Science 

    In a society marked by chaos and discord, it's hard to believe our world is actually better than than it's every been. Let's dive into the data of what's wrong - and what's right - with the world. 

    Lesson 2 - June 9

    Who Needs a Redemption?

    Though it will solve every speck of ill in the world, the idea of Redemption is not a response to strife. Rather, it's an independent and foundational tenet of Jewish belief. See where it fits into he bigger story of Creation. 

    Lesson 3 - June 16

    Superhuman Vs. Super Humans

    Waiting for a Messiah to come save humanity feels a little... un-Jewish. But what if Redemption is a natural reaction to humanity's own cumulative action? Discover the effect you've already had on the reality of the world.

    Lesson 4 - June 23

    We're Getting There

     Judaism sees all of history as one connected journey toward a single desired destiny. In this lesson, we look back to identify four distinct epochs that show us how far we've traveled on the way to a truly good world.

    Lesson 5 - June 30

    Out of the Blues

    So, will we wake up one day in a glorious wonderland? Or is the Redemption more of a gradual process? Let's study the sources on the actual transition from our reality today into a world of revelation. 

    Lesson 6 - July 7 

     And Then...

    We've seen why the Redemption needs to happen and the human role in making it happen. Now peek into that perfect - and perfectly possible - world as the prophets and sages vividly describe it! 

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