Tisha B'av 2020

Tisha B'av starts on the eve on Wednesday, July 29, and ends the eve of Thursday, July 30.  Click here to learn more about Tisha B'av.


Wednesday, July 29

8:14 PM | Fast Begins

        8:45 PM | Evening Services

9:00 PM | Eicha            

 9:30 PM | Film Viewing

View in person at Chabad or log in through Zoom: 


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Thursday, July 30

Join with Brownstone Brooklyn Synagogues in our Special Program marking Tisha B'av

Zoom Login: www.JewishProspectHeights.com/TishaBav  

 11:30 AM | Rabbi Yossi Eliav

Topic: Tisha B'av... What now?

12:00 PM | Rabbi Rienstein

Topic: Is Tisha B'av on the Wrong Day? 

12:30 PM | Rabbi Elkanah Schwartz

Topic: The Role of a Fast Day in the Life of a Jew 

1:00 PM | Rabbi Shimon Hecht

Topic: How Long Must we Wait?

1:30 PM | Rus Devorah Wallen, LCSW, ACSW

Topic: Building the Temple from the Inside Out 

2:00 PM | Alyce Kaufman

Topic: Not just by Fire, but by Omission & Complacency 

2:30 PM | Rabbi Mendy Hecht

Topic: What are we Waiting for?

3:00 PM | Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin

Topic: COVID-19; Pre, Present, and Post. Tishabav Film.jpg