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 Join us for Shavuot at the Chabad Jewish Center

Shavuot (a two-day holiday, celebrated from sunset on June 8 until nightfall on June 10) coincides with the date that G‑d gave the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai more that 3,300 years ago. For more information on the Shavuot holiday, click here.

Shavuot Events

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  Shavuot Schedule 

Saturday, June 8

Light Holiday Candles after  9:15 PM  from a pre-existing flame

11:30 PM - 1:00 AM | Midnight Scotch - Study & Debate

Sunday, June 9

10:00 AM | Holiday Services

12:00 PM | Shavuot Dairy Brunch

8:11 PM | Afternoon Services

Followed by "Shavout Talk" with a Guest Lecturer 

Light Holiday Candles after  9:16 PM  from a pre-existing flame


Monday, June 10

10:00 AM | Holiday Services 

Holiday Ends 9:16 PM