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The Shul at Chabad Jewish Center is a community Synagogue.
It represents a fresh vision for translating the inspiration of Judaism for a new generation.



A Shul is more than just a Synagogue. A Shul, which is Yiddish for a place of prayer and study, is a home for any Jew looking for a warm and spiritual place to grow. At Chabad Jewish Center, everybody's welcome. Come when you want. Leave when you want. Bring the whole gang. Treat your soul to something special. With a "come as you are" attitude, you'll feel right at home. No matter where you live, work or study, if you are looking for a place to express your soul, Chabad Jewish Center's Shul is the right place for you!

Come and check out Friday Night Live, Shabbat Day Services
Children's Programs, and our weekly
Torah study classes.

We hope to see you soon,
Rabbi Mendy & Chaya Hecht

Experience a warm and meaningful service, where you can learn the hows and whys of the prayers in a friendly atmosphere.
A sumptuous, buffet-style, "kiddush" follows the service!
For generations Shabbat has been a time of tranquility, joy, festivity and harmony. Now, take time out with your family and enjoy it with your community. Join us at 10:00am for weekly Shabbat Services followed by a delicious Kiddush buffet.